Q:  Do you write business plans for grants and non-profits?

A:  Yes.  We've done a number of plans for both grants and non-profits.  We also write business plans to be presented to angel investors, venture capitalists, banks, property owners and private entities.


Q:  What does a business plan cost?

A:  Business plans vary quite a bit.  Some people need a shorter three year plan and others need more complicated ten year plans.  There are a lot of factors that affect pricing.  The easiest way to determine what your business plan will cost is to set up a call with us.


Q:  I want to create my own pro forma for my Cannabis business.  Do you provide templates for sale?

A:  We have affordable templates tailored to the Cannabis industries available for purchase on our site.  Using one of these will be a big help on getting you started.  We provide one for dispensaries, one for cultivators and one for processors..

Q:  Do I have to provide the research for my plan?

A:  No. Boost is happy to do all the necessary research for your plan. Your input in always welcome, but it's your choice to have as much or little to do of the research as you wish.

Q:  How long will it take for my plan to be written?

A:  An initial draft will take approximately two weeks to complete.  The revision process will then begin and the conclusion will be dependent on your availability.  With your cooperation, we can usually open and close a plan inside one month.

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